Alps & Fjords Film Days 17-20 November

In association with the Swizz Embassy, the Norwegian Embassy was proud to present the second edition of the Alps & Fjords film days. The Embassy have a long history of screening Norwegian films in Baku, and we were happy to be able to continue this within the framework of the Alps & Fjords film days.

All the screenings were held at Landmark Hotel which were so kind to accommodate us at their fantastic cinema club. For a complete cinematic atmosphere, the staff at the Landmark made sure everyone had a bag of popcorn to munch on during the screenings. Absolutely superb!

Each day was filled with a program of both Norwegian and Swizz produced films of various genres: comedies, dramas, documentaries etc. Films to anyone’s taste! We were also glad to see that the crowd represented different age groups; youngsters, adults and pensioners alike came to the film days.

The first day of the program was marked with an opening speech by both the ambassadors of the Norwegian and the Swizz Embassies, of which the evening then progressed with the Norwegian teen movie “Buddy”. The film turned out to be a great success!



The second day was dedicated to Swizz film, while the third day was devoted to Norwegian dance music. The evening kicked off with an exclusive pre-screening of the documentary “Northern Disco Lights” about the rise of the peculiar musical genre of space disco and how it spread from the northern town of Tromsø to Bergen and Oslo. Today Norwegian space disco has become one of our greatest trademarks abroad. Accompanied to the disco beats and the quirky synths were incredible panoramas of the Northern Norwegian landscape. We wish to thank Ben Davis and Peter Jenkinson for being so kind to let us screen the film in Baku!

As a natural supplement to the documentary, the Embassy invited everyone at the film days to the hottest dance floor ever in Baku! Our very own DJ Keti AKA Lula Baluba had decorated the Rotunda hall with flashing lights in all the colors of the rainbow where she played good old-fashioned disco music! Soon enough everyone let loose on the dancefloor!

The fourth and last day was marked by freezing temperatures: winter was coming! We brought the snow with us to the cinema hall where we showed two documentaries about the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his “Maud” expeditions to the north Pole.  To return the heat to body and mind, the Swizz showed an Italian rom-com and served waffles with a chocolate fountain.

All in all, the Alps & Fjords film days was a great success and the Embassy is already looking forward to next year’s film days. And last, but not least, we wish to thank the Swizz Embassy for a great teamwork!

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